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I should be studying. Instead I’m anxiously waiting for this week to be over, so that I can go home. I want to see my girlfriend, my family, my dog; I want to go to the beach, sleep in my bed and go for a drive!

The timing of Spring Break has never made more sense to me than it does right now – it’s been so long since I’ve seen my family, but the break is just short enough…

As I yearn for family, here are some photos from my trip to Oregon, back in December of 2016.



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Location: UCSC Arboretum // Model: Eli


breathing dreams



– f. scott fitzgerald

Eli had been sitting in this eucalyptus tree while I was shooting photos of some of the trees and textures around me. One tree had fallen over after a recent storm, so I was investigating its exposed roots. During our time there, I shot on my Instax Mini camera, a Kodak 35 camera my great grandma gave me, and (of course) my Nikon d5500.

I love making night sky collages with originally day-lit scenes. I’ve done it before, with a photo of a building I took in San Francisco.Making a starry sky is fairly easy – photoshopping a black background into a shot takes some time, but painting faint stars using the brush tool in Photoshop takes very little time and is quite fun:) I also added in a photo I had of the moon, at about 3/4 full.


flora & fauna • the arboretum

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Yesterday, I decided to spend a few hours wandering around the UCSC Arboretum, a garden filled with a variety of plant species. For this photo set, I used my macro lens.

I’ve always been a big fan of plants, though not of gardening or caring for plants… The Arboretum is the perfect fit for me. I was surprised with the amount of plants I did not recognize, and I paid a lot of attention to how the flora and fauna that thrive in Northern California vary from SoCal. Some of the plant species were very reminiscent of alien organisms, with black ‘fur’ and small, curling ‘tentacle-like’ structures.

It’s safe to say that I will be going back, hopefully next time for a picnic with my girlfriend…

Please enjoy:)


February Rain

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So I’ve decided to do something a little different from my typical photography work…

This quarter at UCSC, one of the classes I’m taking, titled “Photography Now,” delves into contemporary photography trends, and the links between photography, art, and videography. Recently, we’ve discussed artists such as Hellen van Meene, Sofia Coppola and Sandy Kim, to name a few. Oftentimes in lecture, our professor will show us short videos, or snippets of movies or documentaries that the photographers have created, or have been created about them, and I’ve come to recognize photography and video’s interconnectedness. I’ve always enjoyed the way video captures my attention and draws me in, but my video editing skills really only spanned to putting together sporty GoPro videos with a fast-paced, electronic song in the background.

My lack of knowledge surrounding video production brought me to this project: February Rain. It’s been raining for days, but on Monday , I was feeling particularly inspired by my surroundings. The rain fell persistently, yet gently, into the trees around me as I walked back to my apartment after class. Once I was home, I grabbed my camera, went to the bathroom window, and stuck my head outside. A story above the ground, this window was the perfect vantage point from which to shoot various zoomed-in scenes of the natural world below.

I wanted to create a short video with these clips of the forest, featuring small, animated doodles drawn in my infamous solid-white-line style. After watching a couple of Youtube videos on animation  and adding my logo to the video, and reading up on Adobe’s website, I managed to learn how to use some of Photoshop’s video editing tools. Granted, this final product is only two days in the making, I was too excited not to post it as soon as I felt I could.



Oregon // black and white

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It’s a new year, and already I feel as though I’m falling behind.

These are some black and white nature shots I took while on my trip to Oregon to visit family for the holidays. Black and white fit these photos the best because of their contrasting emphases and vivid visual textures. I will be uploading more photos later, but most likely not in black and white.

While this trip was busy and full of excitement, it was really constructive for my personal growth and reflection. I’d had a lot on my mind, and being with family helped to realign a lot of my thoughts. I also allowed my time away from home to direct my thoughts in order to pay attention to my priorities and longings.

I’ve been doing a lot of self-examination in terms of priorities lately, and being out in nature clears my mind and gives me the space to do so. I’ve begun making lists on my phone, one in particular is quite simply a list of things I like. I’ve recognized the importance in realizing and emphasizing what makes me feel happy in my life, in order to relieve stress and allow the negative aspects of my life to fall away from me.

I want to make healthy living a priority, but laziness and a lack of motivation drive me into ruts. I have to fight harder for what I want, and not allow myself to give in to the negativity that drives me down.


forest floor

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Too much of my time has been spent indoors – today I felt the need to escape the confines of my dorm. Leaving at 4 and returning at 6, I spent my afternoon in the UCSC Natural Reserve. Naturally, I brought my camera with me to mess around with my new macro lens attachment. The colors of the forest were so vibrant; the air was wet and crisp. It was so nice to find some peace and quiet in the forest. I have to argue, though, that the forest is deceptively loud. I took the time today to sit on the forest floor and listen to the Earth speak to me. It was amazing.

It made me so happy to go out and take photos. I’ve been under a lot of stress, and today I was finally able to relax and clear my mind. Photography mellows me out; it allows me to focus on something creative and fluid. It was nice to get back into it, and I’m so glad that I have new equipment to play around with.



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Happy Halloween!

I procrastinate by editing photos instead of doing homework… So, here’s a pic of my dorm room!!!

Also – I got a new camera! I had previously had a Nikon d5100 for about 3 years, and I just recently upgraded to the Nikon d5500! I can’t wait to explore the endless photographic possiblities that came with it…



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Well, to say the least, I’ve learned a lot since my last WordPress post…

This last weekend, my girlfriend and I hiked into Upper Campus at my school – UCSC – and set up camp under some redwoods. Mountain bikers cheerily shouted – “Hey, nice set up!” “Sick hammock spot!” and “Good morning!” – as they rumbled down the dirt trail. Chilly as it was, we did just fine, snuggled up together under the green canopy.

With reference to my most recent post, one could say that my passionate patriotism is being put on the line…

Growing up, I had a military father and a mom working in the education system. Blissfully unaware, my upbringing and schooling failed to address real issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, representation, etc. With this election and my wide array of thought-provoking college classes (Projecting the Effects of Global Warming, Introduction to Feminist Studies, and Power & Representation), I’ve recently been stung with the realization that my love for this country is heavily weighed down by the white, western elitism and racism that the U.S. was built upon. Settlers quite literally kicked indigenous peoples off of their land and claimed it as their own. Colonizers let the Native Americans teach them the ways of the land, and then proceeded to rip it right out from under them. In the emergence of this country’s economy, paid labor was financially burdening – but buying people and owning them as slaves was so affordable! And so, white people decided it was okay to own and force other humans to do work for them… The racism that gave birth to the U.S.A. is still glaringly prevalent in today’s society and culture; those who deny it obviously haven’t watched the news… ever…

Innocent people are losing their lives everyday because of the racist thread that runs throughout our police force and legal system. Schools emphasize the triumph of the U.S. in wars fought long ago, but there’s barely a whisper of LGBTQ or Black Lives Matter wars that are being waged right here, right now.

So, here I am, mulling over how terrible America is, when really I should be writing a paper and studying for a midterm… 😉